Zach Braff: From Newark to South Orange

By mark-slade May 26, 2011

From Newark to South Orange — and ‘Braff’ Again

Zach Braff grew went to Columbia High School, but his dad hails from Weequahic High, and the family has never forgotten the connection.
Hal Braff may have raised his very successful sons in South Orange, but he has never forgotten his roots in Newark — particularly at Weequahic High.
Although often eclipsed by the stardom of his sons Zach (of television, stage and film fame) and Josh (a published novelist), Hal Braff recently had his own moment to shine when he was honored by the Weequahic High School Alumni Association on May 19 at the Robert Treat Hotel in Downtown Newark.
Braff, class of ’52, founded the alumni association along with Sheldon Bross, class of ’55, back in 1977 and dedicated the group to raising funds to provide college scholarships to Weequahic graduates.
New Jersey Jewish News described the scholarship program as having “served as an important link between Weequahic’s Jewish past and its transformation since the 1960s into a largely African-American neighborhood.”
Braff proposed that the Weequahic Alumni Association offered a good model for alumni of other urban high schools.
“If we can have the people in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, the suburbs of Milwaukee, the suburbs of Philadelphia, go adopt your school as we did at Weequahic High School, we can continue to enrich the culture without costing municipal government a penny,” he said.
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