Where are you going to get your Green-On!

By mark-slade March 12, 2012

In just 5 days, on the 17th of March, it will be St. Patrick’s Day—a day filled with good cheer, good food, and festivities.

As we don our green to celebrate and proudly wear green attire and/or accessories, there will be lots of wonderful places to do that here in Maplewood and South Orange, let alone the whole of Essex County.

Where will you be going for corned beef and cabbage? Your favorite watering hole? Do you prefer a homey Irish pub or a party atmosphere with live music? A cozy spot filled with close friends?

Top Choices in the immediate area:
Cryans in South Orange?
St James Gate in Maplewood?
O’Reilly’s in Maplewood?
Highland Place in Maplewood?
Bunny’s in South Orange?

And lest not forget getting your green bagels at Bagel Chateau!

Mark Slade
Keller Williams