Tour Guide for Maplewood New Jersey

By mark-slade March 1, 2012

Map of maplewood, nj

I often get requests from people about taking a tour of Maplewood. While I am only so happy to drive you around, there are some of us that prefer to do it on our own.

So, for you, here is a proposed tour route and step-by-step directions (the route is in orange). I tried to keep the tour down to 20 minutes and in so doing, had to limit the tour to neighborhoods within 1.25 miles from the town center/train station.

If you follow the proposed route, you will see Maplewood Middle School, Columbia High School and 3 of our Elementary Schools–Tuscan, Clinton and Jefferson.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me as I’m only so happy to be one of your ambassadors of our beloved town–Maplewood.


Maplewood has several areas to explore. Starting downtown and eating—Village Trattoria, St James Gate, Roman Gourmet, Bagel Chateau—are the most kid friendly restaurants.

If you venture across the way, crossing under train station on foot, you will be in Memorial Park where there are fields, a nice vista or two and a duck pond.

Driving around, I would recommend you start your tour by driving up Baker to Valley Street so you will see the town library, Maplewood Middle and the Maplewood Country Club. Then make right onto Valley. Go 2 blocks and make left on Harvard. You will pass by Tuscan Elementary School, and take till end which is Rutgers. Make left on Rutgers and take to end; make right on Tuscan Road and take left on Oakland. This will give you a tour of Maplecrest park. Continue and either make left on Plymouth or proceed to curve left on Oakland and work your way to Prospect Street. Then, take Prospect and make rt turn on Elmwood. Take Elmwood to light. If you make right you could see the town pool. If you turn left, and then make a left on Midwood, proceed till Highland and Make a right. Crossover Parker and pass by Clinton Elementary ESchool. Make left on Burr, cross back over Parker and make right turn onto Midwood, again. At end of Midwood, I would make a right turn on Summit Ave and make a left on Parker. Taking Parker down the hill will allow you to see Columbia High School. I would make a left o n Kensington and take till end. Make rt turn on Oakland Rd and cross over Valley Street to Dunnell. Make right turn on Dunnell, and left on Jefferson. Go under train trestle and proceed up the hill. Make right turn on Kendal Ave and the left onto Cedar to top of hill. Make left on Wyoming and take to Euclid and make left. Go down to Ridgewood rd where you will see Jefferson School and make right turn. Take Ridgewood to Baker and make left and you will end up back in town. This will allow you to see a good cross sections of the neighborhoods under 1.25 miles from the train station, as well as seeing 3 elementary schools, Maplewood Middle and the High School.

If this is too detailed for you and/or if you would prefer a supervised and escorted tour, please f eel free to call me.

Mark Slade

Keller Williams


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