Top 5 Musts Buyers want in a Home

By mark-slade February 15, 2012

According to a recent article from Trulia, Here are the top 5 Amenities that buyers are looking for at the moment:

Amenities Total Share
Master Bathroom 70%
Walk-in Closet 63%
Gourmet Kitchen 56%
Outdoor Deck 55%
Hardwood Floors 50%

From my experience with buyers in the bedroom communities of NYC, I find the top 5 to be relatively similar, but with a ranking, as follows:

1. Recently Renovated (not necessarly Gourmet) Kitchen
2. First Floor Powder Room (homes in my area are mostly built in the 1920’s and so a first floor bath wasn’t included in most original builds).
3. Master Bathroom
4. Hardwood Floors
5. A Master with at least 2 healthy size closets if not 1 Walk-in Closets
6. And yes, a Deck does help!
BONUS: a renovated 3rd floor space for guests or play area and/or a renovated basement for recreation/play/family room

Mark Slade
Keller Williams