Top 10 Things You Can Do in Maplewood, NJ

By mark-slade June 12, 2011

Top 10 Things You Can Do in Maplewood, NJ
1.        Halloween Parade and Costume Contest:  Starting early afternoon, the entire downtown is shut down and anyone from infant to toddler to tween to grownup is allowed to dress up and “trick or treat” all the downtown businesses whilst listing to music from a flatbed stage, etc.  At the end of the afternoon, winners are chosen in a hand full of categories.
2.       Fourth of July:  For the annual circus and fireworks display
3.       Maplewoodstock: annual event in Memorial Park with music all weekend and street fair ambiance
5.       First Night:
6.       Hang out by the duck pond in Memorial Park during the spring/summer and Fall and Sledding down the Big Hill at Memorial Park in Winter
7.       Dickens Village in Ricalton Square During the Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza Holiday Time.
8.       EAT at many of the great restaurants in downtown Maplewood
             In the Village:
a.       Coda Kitchen and Bar LINK
b.      Arturo’s Osteria & Pizzeria LInk
c.       Mt Fuji Sushi LINK
d.      Restaurant Lorena’s French Cuisine LINK
e.      Wok Star LINK
f.        Village Trattoria LINK
g.       Village Coffee Shop LINK
h.      Village Ice Cream Parlour LINK
i.         St. James Gate LINK
j.        Bill and Harry Chinese Cuisine (Take Out) LINK
k.       Edith’s Café LINK
l.         Bagel Chateau
m.    Highland Place LINK
n.      Crane’s Deli LINK
o.      Maplewood Deli & Grille LINK
p.      Roman Gourmet LINK
q.      Cactus Charly Mexican LINK
r.        Sona Indian Restaurant LINK
On Springfield Ave:
s.       The Able Baker LINK
t.        Churrasco Steakhouse BBQ LINK
u.      DiPietro Foods LINK
v.       HLS Juice Bar and Grill LINK
w.     iLand Breeze LINK
x.       Kari’s Café  LINK
y.       Maplewood Deli and Subs
z.       Parkwood Diner : LINK
aa.   Scoops and Soups LINK
bb.  Verjus Restaurant LINK
cc.    Maplewood Family Pizza LINK
dd.  O’Reilly’s Pub LINK
ee.  The Cupcake Corral  LINK
ff.     Café Express LINK
gg.   EJ’s BBQ LINK
9.       SHOP  Maplewood’s Own Stores:
a.       Bee & Thistle Antiques LINK
b.      KoKoRo LINK
c.       Little One & Co. LINK
d.      Shed LINK
e.      Tenth Muse Gallery LINK
f.        Lotus Petals Floral Design LINK
g.       Perch Home LINK
h.      Revolution LINK
i.         Jerry Rose Florists LINK
j.        Scrivener’s Toys & Collectibles LINK
k.       Village Wine Shop LINK
l.         Words Bookstore LINK
m.    165 Gifts, Accessories and clothing LINK
10.   Take a drive up the Reservation to see the foliage, the view of NYC, hike, use the dog parks, teach your children to ride a bike, job, see the waterfalls, etc.