These Un BEAR able days of Summer…

By mark-slade July 21, 2011

Bear Swims in Backyard Pool in North Caldwell

Police warn residents to keep small pets and garbage indoors after a black bear sighting Tuesday.

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North Caldwell resident Dana Strus took a video of a black bear taking a dip in her pool Tuesday before calling police.
The North Caldwell woman who videoed a black bear in her pool Tuesday is pregnant with her second child and due to give birth this Saturday.
Dana Strus told Patch she did a doubletake when she looked out her window Tuesday and saw a bear in her yard splashing itself in her pool. She said she had just gotten back to her house on Willowbrook Drive with her three-year-old daughter around 2 p.m. when she spotted the cub. Strus said it was most likely because of her pregnancy that she remained so calm.
“Nobody’s going to believe me,” thought Strus. So she grabbed her camera and went outside on her patio to take pictures and a few short videos. She said she was aware of the bear for about five minutes before she decided to call police.
But before police arrived, the black bear, estimated to weigh about 100 lbs., had hopped back over the fence into a neighbor’s yard and made its way back onto the road. Police lost track of it as it headed down Willowbrook.

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