Ralph and Trish Dizio

When I was looking for a realtor I was looking for a seasoned professional, not someone who dabbled in real estate on the side. Mark knows the real estate market inside and out and is not afraid to tell you the truth based on his vast experience. When we put our house on the market Mark had a game plan…..and he executed it perfectly. We were able to have our home under contract in less than a week.

Anyone who has ever sold a house knows that getting a home into contract is only the beginning, and there are still many steps before you close. Mark prepared us for all the possible outcomes each step of the way, so nothing came as a surprise. Even when the unexpected happened, which always happens, he advised us on a quick solution and kept us on schedule to close on time.

I have personally referred Mark to friends based off our experience. If you’re looking for a real estate expert to handle the sale of your home I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly. In fact, we are moving out of State and the running joke in our house is that the realtor we are using to purchase our new home “Just Isn’t Mark”

— Ralph and Trish Dizio,