David and Wirachin Hoon

Mark helped us market and successfully sell our house in Maplewood in July 2011. I know that a good agent can add tremendous value, so I really spent time searching for the right agent. I went out to open houses in the area and talked to over fifteen agents, of which we interviewed three and finally decided to hire Mark as our agent.

Turn out we made an excellent decision. Mark is very knowledgable in both local and macro real estate market. He understands the selling points of each house and how to market to the right buyers. His staging ideas are top notch and economical. With less than a hundred dollar in material cost, we brightened up our kitchen and fixed the broken panel, making the kitchen a beautiful selling point of the house. He even brought in his own furniture to help stage our houses to keep the cost down.

Mark was very responsive. He promptly answered my calls and E-mails nights and weekends. He was always available when we needed him. I knew he had many houses listed with him, and I’m not sure how he managed to be this responsive. It was beyond doubt Mark is the hardest-working agents I have ever worked with.

Most importantly, Mark’s honesty and integrity are second to none, a trait that is rarely found in many real estate agents. He always work with my best interests at heart. At one point in the transaction, I considered rejecting the offer, refinancing our loan and putting the house up for rent. Both he and I knew that he wouldn’t get a penny had I gone that route. Yet, as deligently as he was selling my house, he ensured I have enough information to make that rent or sell decision. Heck he even helped me prepare comps for tax appeal and put me in touch with a mortgage broker so I can refinance my loan if I decided to rent.

I strongly recommend Mark Slade as your real estate agent. Through the sales process, we have developed our friendship and Mark has become more than an agent to me. If you are selling or buying a house, give Mark a chance to at least present his approach to you. He surpassed my expectation in every way, and I’m sure he will do the same for you.

— David and Wirachin Hoon,