Survey Says: THIN MINTS!

By mark-slade February 28, 2012

Between Valentines Day and St Patrick Day, we see the color shift from decorating with Red to Green.  The same can be said for what happens as your door bell rings every day with a cute lil girl asking if you will buy Girl Scout Cookies.  While most of us don’t love unexpected visitors on our front steps, this is one where almost all of us will make an exception because we all know this is the time to buy a year’s worth of Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-si-dos or Savana Smiles.

I was curious as to what everyone’s favorite flavor is and, you might have guessed, Thin Mints came in with the majority posting a 60% share.  This was followed by a 20% share for Samoas and then 10% shares for Tagalongs and for Savana Smiles.

The problem with writing a blog entry about food, especially Girl Scout Cookies, is now i desperately want to track down each of those cookie seller’s and get me some to eat!


mark slade

keller williams