Sure Signs of Spring — Seth Boyden Annual Plant Sal

By mark-slade March 27, 2011

Sure Signs of Spring — Plant Sales!

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Seth Boyden PTA has a plant sale going on NOW and the Maplewood Garden Club announced May dates for its annual plant sale. Not to be missed: local Girl Scout troops help beautify the Village today by planting flowers.
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Flowers bloomed at Jerry Rose Floral Design despite the snow. March 24, 2011.
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Flowers bloomed at Jerry Rose Floral Design despite the snow. March 24, 2011.
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Do not lose hope, people of Maplewood, spring IS coming, despite signs to the contrary this past week with frigid temperatures and the accumulation of more of that dastardly white stuff.
The snow that covered every crocus and daffodil in town is (nearly) melted, and other signs of spring abound.
Plant sales, for instance.
The Annual Seth Boyden PTA SPRING PLANT SALE got underway this past week. The sale is open to everyone — not just the Seth Boyden Demonstration School community. Download the attached form to order your plants, flowers, herbs, vegetables by Friday, April 8. Drop off forms at the school office on Boyden Avenue or place them in your child’s backpack (if you have an SB student!). Purchases will be available for pick up at the school on Thursday, May 5 — just in time for Mother’s Day.
You can contact Amy Higer or Amy Jo Curran with any questions.