Some of NJ’s Crazy Laws: Horse Drawn, Horsing Around & Horse Power

By mark-slade December 14, 2011

It is illegal for cars to pass horse-drawn carriages on the road. The law was initiated in the early 1900’s in Newark, but remains on the books today

Horse racing on the NJ Turnpike is forbidden by law. Ironically, NJ has at least 200 horse farms and more horses–9.31-per square mile than any other state.

And, as anyone living in or needing gas for their car while in NJ knows, motorists are not allowed to pump their own gas, by law, this must be done by a qualified attendant. This law was passed in 1949 in an attempt to prevent customers that smoked from starting fires. (Oregon is the only other state in the US that shares this active ban and self-serve gas pumping.)
Mark Slade
Keller Williams