By mark-slade January 14, 2011

Slip, Sliding Away — Again

Talk of a sledding day About Town – with pictures to prove it!

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Lest I be labeled the Ice Ogre, let the records show that my munchkins and I numbered amongst the many making the most of the snowy day. Yes, we even braved the heinous ice ramp that is Memorial Park hill.
(Okay, honestly, anyone else watch your little ones’ lives flash before your eyes during each ‘run’? Plagued by threat of tree collisions and plunges into that precariously close creek?!)
Not sure if it’s the economy or entrepreneurial enterprise spurred on by the last snowstorm, but there was an absolute abundance of shovel-wielding workers willing to clear sidewalks for cold hard cash.
My favorites? The guys who offer just as you’re putting the finishing touches of rock salt on your self-shoveled sidewalks! The guys who ring the doorbell at 7:30 a.m.? Not so much…
Shoveling wasn’t so bad, though. Really. This storm was a whole lot lighter than last and DPW did such a great job clearing, this really was the ‘Snow Day That Didn’t Have to Be One’. Seriously — even New Jersey Transit had their act together for this one, much to the chagrin of those hoping to blame delays on tradtional train trouble…. It’s nearly enough to make the snow livable!
Bagel Chateau and Arturo’s were bustling with folks carb-loading to make up for calories burned from all the shoveling and sledding. And the delicious red bean and spinach soup at Trattoria? Just the thing to sooth the savage sledding beast!