Salute, a Little Phil, Upstairs, in The Office, with Samba A.K.A. 5 Great Restaurants in Montclair

By mark-slade December 31, 2011

1) Since early October, local foodies have been quietly buzzing about Upper Montclair’s new bar and restaurant, Upstairs. Owned by Aki Kaneda

2) Earlier this year, a great new “artisanal delicatessen” named Little Phil’s opened in Upper Montclair Plaza. Little Phil’s is a lovely place, where customers can select from a vast array of traditional Italian food like meatballs, rice balls (arancini), broccoli rabe, portabella mushrooms, capellini pie, cavatelli salad, and braised short ribs. See the review here.

3) Brazilian fare came to Montclair earlier this month. After months of preparation, Samba Montclair hosted its soft opening in the space at 7 Park St. Samba seamlessly blends the old with the new, resulting in a warm, intimate, and elegantly simplistic atmosphere.

4) Salute is still fairly new, offering a good meal in comfortable environs. Salute specializes in “Italian Countryside Cuisine” that’s served by a staff that makes you feel like part of the family.

5) The Office on Bloomfield Ave. warrants a mention just because it’s changed so much. Indeed, The Office has recently reintroduced itself to the Montclair community with a revamped menu that’s fresher and lighter than that of most pubs. There’s also a great new brunch menu.

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Mark Slade
Keller Williams