Rocky Racoon=BEWARE!

By mark-slade March 21, 2011

Rabid Raccoon Found in Maplewood

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Make sure your pets are vaccinated against rabies and avoid all animals that appear sick, says the Town Health Officer.
Maplewood Health Officer Robert Roe reports that a sick raccoon was captured on March 15, 2011, by the Animal Control Officer, tested by the State Health Department laboratory and found to have rabies. “Rabies in wild animals, particularly raccoons is endemic in the state,” writes Roe. In 2010, five raccoons were found with rabies in Essex County.
Roe warns that residents need to be aware of the danger of rabies. The first line of defense is to have all dogs and cats vaccinated. Maplewood Township ordinance requires licenses for both dogs and cats and a current rabies vaccination is required. Avoid wildlife that is acting sick and contact the Animal Control Officer.  For further information contact the Health Dept. 973-762-8120 x4400.