New Mom’s needing help packing up for a move and/or unpacking from a move, read below:

By mark-slade February 14, 2011

Brooklyn mom wanted some help moving from Brooklyn to NJ and called an organizing company Genius Organizing she’d used in the past.

A friend of her’s, who is on a parent site for Park Slope, forwarded me an email about these ladies giving a discount. She was so wiped out with her 2 yr old and another on the way that her house was suffering! Papers were starting to stack up and closets were overflowing, not to mention TOYS!!!

An organizer came over and whipped this place into shape. Brooklyn mom was able to unearth stuff for the baby on the way and put it in a manageable order. They made her realize she was getting all this unnecessary mail and got me to put all my bills on line. HUGE difference in her mail load.

Then, she called them back when she moved and they luckily have a New Jersey organizer called Megan. She helped her unpack and create new systems in her completely different new home. She would still have unopened boxes over here if it weren’t for Megan. (Megan is not listed on their website, but she used Julia and Megan and both were amazing.)

In 4 sessions, She was able to accomplish something She hadn’t done in years. This was money well spent and recommends that every parent or parent to be should know about this service.

Mention you heard about it on this site and they will give you a hefty discount of $50 off your first session.

They were also just featured on CBS News in a live well with less segment!