Modern Art in Montclair

By mark-slade January 15, 2012

Since its December opening, the Montclair Art Museum’s exhibit, “Patterns, Systems, Structures: Abstraction in American Art” has been attracting a steady stream of viewers.

The exhibit – which came from the museum’s vast collection of permanent holdings – is a big show of surprises. The result is a show that bedazzles, intrigues and educates.

The show also appeals to a variety of art fans – from a preschooler who saw Edna Andrade’s big op art work and exclaimed, “I love this one” to a more mature group making observations about Robert Motherwell’s 1965 piece “Sea of Biarritz.”

Montclair-based artist Elizabeth Seaton, who teaches at the museum’s Yard School of Art, enjoyed “Deliverence Disco” a 1987 work by George J. McNeil, while visiting the show with her husband. She said, “What I really value about this installation is the variety of angles of attack on the issue of abstraction.”

That variety is exactly what Chief Curator Gail Stavitsky said she had in mind for this exhibit, “My goal was to show the full spectrum of abstraction, from works with references to nature to works completely separated from nature.”

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Mark Slade
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