Maplewood’s very own Words Bookstore Featuring Autism Month with 7 Events

By mark-slade March 31, 2013

Maplewood’s very own Words Bookstore Featuring Autism Month with 7 Events:

Social Skills and Adaptive Behavior in Learners with Autism Spectrum Disorders
with author Peter F. Gerhardt, E.D.
APRIL 3 / WED / 7:30 pm
Promoting better social skills and behavior is a top priority for anyone who works with learners with autism—but which practices really improve outcomes? Find out in this cutting-edge volume, a reader-friendly synthesis of the latest findings from more than 20 of today’s top researchers in the field.
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Autism Technology Workshop
with The Children’s Institute technology specialist Randy Palmer and speech language specialist Carol White
APRIL 4 / THU / 7:00 pm
Apps to support those with autism in the home, school, and community.
Participants will learn to:
• Recognize the features of the iPod/iPhone/iPad that appeal to students with autism
• Participate in a demonstration of apps that support students with special needs
• Locate online resources for finding high-quality apps

Silently Seizing
with author Caren Haines, R.N.
APRIL 7 / SUN / 2:00 pm
Silently Seizing is a breakthrough new book that explores what most doctors won’t tell you about autism… that in some cases, the symptoms of autism are caused by seizures that are undetectable with standard diagnostic tools. Silently Seizing is the first book to explore this little-known but crucial relationship between autism and seizures.
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Autism: The Scientific Truth
with author Dr. Robert Melillo
APRIL 11 / THU / 7:30 pm
With honesty and compassion, Dr. Melillo explains what the latest scientific research tells us about the role of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors, dispelling myths and replacing them with the facts. In addition, he presents early warning signs, a prevention plan for parents-to-be, and an intervention program for babies and young children.
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Second Sundays: Special Afternoons for Special Kids
DANCING with Dancer’s Point
APRIL 14 / SUN /
2:00-3:00 pm / Ages 3 – 10
3:30-4:30 pm / Ages 11+
All events are free, but space is limited. Please register by emailing the name and date of the event and ages of any attending children to Please note: parent/guardian required to stay for duration of event.

Totally Chill
with author Dr. Christopher Lynch
APRIL 24 / WED / 7:00 pm
When parenting, teaching and working with children who have social, emotional, and/or sensory sensitivities, we often put the emphasis on learning new skills, but stress management skills are often left unaddressed. Totally Chill: The Complete Guide to Staying Cool is a stress management workbook that is meant to be read, completed, and used as much as possible by children themselves.
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Sally Sore Loser
with author Dr. Frank J. Sileo
APRIL 27 / SAT / 10:30 am
Sally loves to be first at everything! She is first in line at school. She is first out the door at recess. She is first at dinner finishing her mac ‘n’ cheese! Unfortunately, Sally dislikes losing and this can lead to hot tempers and hurt feelings. She even gets the nickname “Sally Sore Loser” from her classmates at school. With the help of her teacher and her mom, Sally learns the rules for being a good winner and a good loser.
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