Maplewood Mayor Calls for Overridge of Proposed Veto of Marriage Bill

By mark-slade February 17, 2012

DeLuca Calls on Legislature to Override Promised Veto of Marriage Bill

More from the mayor — and other local reaction to passage of the Freedom to Marry bill.

By Mary Mann
February 16, 2012

Children sign the Maplewood Pride banner

Passage of the Freedom to Marry bill by the NJ State Assembly was big news in Maplewood this evening, where town leaders have been active supporters of the this bill and a previous iteration that was defeated in 2010.

However, Mayor Vic DeLuca was already looking ahead to Gov. Christie’s promised veto of the bill. Christie has proposed that the question of legalizing same sex marriage go to a referendum this fall.

“This is a great day for civil liberties in New Jersey,” DeLuca began, before challenging the governor. “We know Governor Christie would rather play politics with this rather than do the right thing. He knows it is likely to go down in defeat in a referendum and it would hurt Obama. That is too bad. Nevertheless, to have an affirmative vote in both houses of the legislature is a tremendous victory.”

DeLuca pointed out that an override of the governor’s veto can take place any time up until early 2014. “This is plenty of time for those legislators who believe in marriage equality but are afraid of the governor to come to their senses and vote for the override,” said DeLuca.

DeLuca was not alone among local leaders in his support of the bill.

Shortly after its passage, South Orange-Maplewood Superintendent of Schools Dr. Brian Osborne tweeted: “Many SOMSD kids are being raised by loving parents who deserve right to marry. Thanks to NJ legislators who voted to support SOMSD families.”

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