Maplewood 3rd Qtr Taxes due 8/1/2011

By mark-slade July 17, 2011


Why Are My 3rd Qtr Property Taxes Different Than Q1 & Q2?

Third Quarter property tax bills may look different than Q1 and Q2 because bills have adjusted to reflect the recent reval and the 2011 municipal budget.

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On July 14, the Township of Maplewood sent out an email notice reminding property owners that 3rd quarter 2011 property taxes are due August 1, 2011.
If you have already paid these charges or your mortgage company pays your property taxes, don’t sweat it.  If not, read on. Also, if you’re wondering why you’re third quarter taxes are different that Q’s 1 and 2, here’s an explanation from the Township:

In 2010 the Township of Maplewood completed a town wide revaluation of all properties. This became effective in January 2011. The taxes paid for the first and second installments of this year were based upon the 2010 tax rate and 2010 property assessment. The third installment of 2011 is based upon the new property assessment from the revaluation and the estimated tax rate of $3.105 per $100 of assessed value.

The town email continues:

To calculate your total tax for the year 2011, DO NOT multiply the third installment amount by four. Instead, multiply your new assessment by the estimated tax rate of $3.105. That amount is the annual amount of taxes owed.  Subtract the 1st & 2nd installments billed and the balance is what is due for the 3rd & 4th installments.  If there is any change in the final tax rate it will be reflected in the 4th quarter installment.

Residents can confirm that their property tax payments have been received or make payments at any time through the Township web site at

What your taxes pay for:

  • the County of Essex,
  • the South Orange-Maplewood Board of Education, and
  • the Township municipal government. 

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