Looking for another way to finance your down payment?

By mark-slade October 13, 2017



Say you could get the money for a down payment without having to beg your parents or start a GoFundMe page. Would you do it?

Yes, of course there’s a catch. You have to be willing to continuously list your extra bedroom on Airbnb for a few years. Basically, there’s a company in Seattle that will front you up to $50,000 for your down payment, and in return, you share most of the income from your Airbnb rental to pay back your “loan.” Even though the thought of having a neverending parade of guests sounds a bit…stressful, I think the concept is actually kind of brilliant. I love seeing creative solutions like this that can help more people become homeowners.

So, what do you think? Could you handle playing host for a few years, or would you rather just save up for your down payment?