Invention Convention in Maplewood

By mark-slade March 11, 2011

Bright Ideas and Somewhat Less Soggy Skies Abound About Town

The Invention Convention shines at Tuscan, Fiasco the ferret’s still at large.

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Fiasco’s gone missing. Call Cheryl Futterman with any tips:973-378-9218
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Yesterday sported the sort of weather that prompts thoughts of sending ‘thank you’ cards to Gary from Gregory Waterproofing… Were it not for their French drain prowess I’d have to don snorkeling gear to access my basement, as would many other Maplewoodians…ah, the glamour of owning a home!
Luckily, Thursday’s water-logged weather was illuminated by the bright ideas radiating from Tuscan Elementary where the 3rd grade Invention Convention boasted bountiful big, bold ideas as imagined by pint-sized innovators:
Oliver Muson’s clever ‘Ultimate Multiple Snowball Machine’ served as an apt reminder that soggy skies are still a stellar improvement over the frozen tundra from which we’ve just emerged.
Finley Donachie couldn’t have asked for better weather to showcase – and illustrate the genius behind – his backpack protecting ‘Water Defender’ prototype. Finley’s creation even sported an eye-catching, snazzy logo, as did his matching T-shirt. A cutting edge Mohawk added hipster cred to his marketing pizzazz…Quite cool!
All in all patent worthy work was on impressive – and adorable- display. Proud parents please feel free to share your pics or favorite picks below!
Finally- Fiasco, the beloved pet ferret of the Lopez family has yet to be found. If you sight this friendly little fellow, please email or call Cheryl or Charlie at 973-378-9218. They miss him very much!