Indie Music Circus Continues to Play for Us; Sunday 1/22/12

By mark-slade January 21, 2012

He wears more hats than Bartholomew Cubbins, the kid in that book by Dr. Seuss.

He’s an actor, a playwright, an emcee, a musician, a singer and a songwriter.

However, this Sunday night at Luna Stage in West Orange, Michael Aquino will perhaps play his best-known role.

Aquino will be curating his Indie Music Circus. No, no elephants, girls in sparkly tights or guys on a high wire. Just a few tunesmiths sitting in the round, playing their songs. Then, talking to Aquino about their craft.

This night has become one of the certainties of life.

“The Indie Music Circus is in its fourth year,” said Aquino, who hails from Union City and now lives in Bloomfield.

For more about the Indie Music Circus and Michael Aquino: click on montclair patch

Mark Slade
Keller Williams