Grand Plans For Montclair Center Development

By mark-slade October 24, 2011

Luther Flurry’s Grand Plans For Montclair Center Development

New head of BID talks about the future

By Shelley Emling

Luther Flurry is effusive in his praise of Montclair Center.

He says that not only is the downtown area already a destination for out-of-town diners and shoppers, but the area will become an even bigger draw once the redesign of South Park Street is completed, hopefully before next summer.

And that’s a good thing. Indeed, his positivity is just what any Montclair resident would want.

On Sept. 15, Flurry took over from Tom Lonergan and became the new interim executive director of the Montclair Center Business Improvement District (BID).

With 20 years of managerial and financial experience at various nonprofits—not to mention more than seven years on the BID Board of Directors—Flurry seems perfectly suited for his nine-month term in the appointed position.

Flurry said that the board was looking for someone to replace Lonergan who was already familiar with everything going on in Montclair Center—including the South Park Street project.

“The board wanted a seamless transition,” he said.

Born in Atlanta, Flurry, 50, moved here with his wife and two children from Park Slope, Brooklyn, in 2000. He said he loves the diversity of the downtown area, which he said has become a destination for diners from surrounding towns.

“Cars pull up on Bloomfield Avenue and one person will ask the other where they want to eat … and people will know they can just walk around and they will come across somewhere nice,” he said.

Flurry said that on any given Friday or Saturday night, some 1,500 to 2,500 diners visit Montclair Center’s 75 or so restaurants.

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