Funny Ladies Leave ‘Em Laughing at Highland Place in Maplewood

By mark-slade April 1, 2011

Funny Ladies Leave ‘Em Laughing at Highland Place

These women are a lot like you. Only funnier.
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Bev Sheehan, co-founder of Maplewood’s What Exit? Theatre Company, is serious about comedy. Her goal in putting together a night of comediennes at HighlandPlace was to see people “go out, have a good time and laugh,” because “comedy has an important function in people’s lives. It is about people getting through their lives. It is very healing.”
It worked for us. Listening to these women read stories, tell jokes and sing about their experiences with parenting, suburbia, dating and daily life left the crowd laughing while they realized that they were not alone in their tribulations.
C.J. Prince, Jenny Turner Hall, Shannon Barr and Tina Kelley read short stories, ranging in topics from a young girl’s infatuation with her pastor to a lesbian woman’s frightening move to suburbia from NYC.
Laura Booker, the evening’s sole stand-up comic, shared her hilarious and sometimes shocking views on her day job as a therapist and her life as one of two moms.
Jonny Fido and Jen Crane Turner took the stage to read Elizabeth Samet’s amusing one-act play about reaching a certain point in a relationship, entitled “Where We Are Now.”
The evening wrapped up with Tori McConnell, who sang about, among other things, “Mr.” Mr. may not have been Mr. Right, but he made for great material.
The predominantly female crowd had a great time, but the men were laughing too. Jerry Ryan said at the intermission, “it’s only halfway through and I’ve already had several instances of uncontrollable laughter.” He was not alone.
Next up for What Exit?: “Date Night,” April 13 at HighlandPlace.