Famous NJ Celeb Trivia: You say Hat Trick, I say Hair Trick–From Hairdressers to Celebs

By mark-slade December 16, 2011

1 Born in Plainfield, NJ, George Clinton, the funk musician–a.k.a. Dr Funkenstein–is konw for his outlandish fashion and strange stage etiquette. Before his debut in the music industry, he was a hairdresser in Jacksonville, FL

2. We may know Danny DeVito as a funny bald actor, he was born in Neptune, NJ and raised one town over in Asbury Park. But, like George Clinton, Danny was a qualified hairdresser leading up to his debut in acting.

3. and for out 3rd, Jon Bon Joviis band was formed in Sayreville; his mom and pop met in the marines and while his mom became one of the first Playboy bunnies, Dad became a…..drumroll…….hairdresser!

Mark Slade
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