Clinton Leads in Earth Day Celebration in Maplewood

By mark-slade May 3, 2011

Clinton School Adds Potatoes, Lima Beans and Carnations to Annual Earth Day Celebration

Hats off to Mr. Ferriero and Ms. Fleming’s class for throwing together Clinton School’s first-ever plant fair in just two weeks — and learning a few things in the process.

Clinton School is known for its annual Earth Day parade featuring festive hats fashioned from recycled materials.
But this year, fourth graders at Clinton School added a new component to Earth Day celebrations on Friday, April 29. They had a plant fair — the school’s first. Students in Mr. Ferriero and Ms. Fleming’s class were asked to create a science experiment about plants. They had two weeks to complete it.
It was amazing to see what they came up with and what can grow in just two weeks.
“It was fun telling people how I did my experiment,” said Miranda Lipetz (full disclosure: daughter of the author), who tested whether lima bean plants would grow faster with or without fertilizer. The answer? Without.
The experiments ranged from showing how potatoes conduct electricity to measuring factors that help plants grow. One boy discussed the reason different flowers have different aromas, a girl showed why coconuts float in water — air pockets— and another student showed how white carnations will turn blue if the stems are placed in water with blue dye.
The rest of Clinton School held a the annual Earth Day parade, where the kids sported their handcrafted hats made from of recyclables.