Breaking the Fast (Not Breakfast) in Montclair!

By mark-slade October 7, 2011

How Montclair Breaks The Fast

Here’s what Montclair residents are planning.

By Joanne Bloomstein

For Jewish people around the world, the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are known as “Days of Awe” which will end this Saturday night with the breaking of the Yom Kippur fast. While some Jews fast all day on Yom Kipppur, forsaking even water, others modify the fast based on their health, level of observance or family traditions.

Whether the actual fast is strict, lenient, or non-existent, what seems to be universal around Montclair is the tradition of enjoying a festive meal with friends, neighbors, and family to mark the end of Yom Kippur.

Montclair being what it is, this meal, while steeped in Jewish tradition, is shared happily with Jews and non-Jews alike in many households, everyone enjoying the novelty of having brunch food with wine for dinner with friends and family.

“We are an interfaith family – Italians and Jews,” says Laura Marchese. “We go to Forest Hills to my kosher in-laws for trays of smoked fish (my favorite holiday!) and my assignment is always cannoli from Gencarelli’s on Broad Street. Gotta love the Sicilian Schiksa bride,” she adds. “And on Chanukah I always make eggplant parmeseano to go with the latkes and bagels.”

Mark Slade
Keller Williams

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