Art for Education’s Sake at Tuscan School+a band playing and a bookfair all at the same time

By mark-slade May 27, 2011

Art for Education’s Sake at Tuscan School

Proud parents — and teachers — came to see students’ work at the annual art show.
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 Joellen Petronzi is very proud of her students. And for good reason.
Thursday night, the Tuscan Elementary School art teacher showed off the art work of approximately 600 students at the school’s 20th annual art show. There was not a free bulletin board or ledge. Every surface that could hold art, had art. This included the art room, which had been turned into a Medieval Hall as part of the third grade’s Medieval Studies in Art class.
Over 1,000 student works are on display.
Parent volunteers, along with committee co-chairs Liz Gertner, Peggy Finlayson, Gabrielle Graziano and Mike Parker, mounted, hung and situated the work.
That “work” represented nearly every known art form — and a few heretofore unknown forms: Ceramic thumb pots and birthday cakes; wood block prints and weaving; cereal boxes and a fifth grade video project where the students interviewed local business owners.
For those who can’t make it to Tuscan School, there is still more student work on display at the school district offices at 525 Academy Street in Maplewood.